Luleå Campus (Centrumrestaurangen)

Welcome to Luleå!

Welcome to DataLuddLan, LTU's biggest gaming extravaganza! Get ready for a weekend of non-stop gaming, tournaments, and unforgettable fun. This year's edition of DLL will take place in Centrumrestaurangen, which as the name implies is placed right in the centre of Luleå campus.

Event Details

  • Date: Friday November 10 until Sunday November 12
  • Time: The event opens at 14:00 on Friday, and closes at 16:00 on Sunday
  • Location: Centrum Restuarangen (route)
  • Registration Deadline: 12:00 November 10

Event Highlights

  • Tournaments: Test your skills and compete against other gamers in thrilling tournaments. The finals will be held in B192!
  • Board Games: Rediscover classic board games or explore new favorites with DORK and Piteåsektionens spelutskott.
  • Console and PC Gaming: Join the LAN party, play with friends and fellow participants. We also have a limited number of computers available for loan!
  • VR Gaming: Experience the world of VR with equipment from the Department of Systems and Space Technology (SRT). Try games like Half-Life Alyx and Beat Saber.


Want to register a team? Do so here!

Stuff to bring

Us in LUDD will provide a network connection and a power jack for computer seats. You need to bring your own network cables and your own extension cord.

If you need help with transporting your equipment to the LAN, we're happy to help. Fill out this form so that we know how to contact you, and where and when you require pickup.

Traveling to Luleå

For those traveling to Luleå, please note that participants are required to bring their own inflatable beds for accommodations. We have set up a dormitory for your convenience, and you can find the dormitory location here.

If you have any specific requirements or questions about accommodations and transportation, please don't hesitate to contact us at or on Discord.

Don't miss out on the gaming event of the year. Join us for DataLuddLan and create fantastic gaming memories with us!

See you there!

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