10-12 November

Fri 14:00 - Sun 16:00

Luleå Campus (Centrumrestaurangen)

DLL Seat 0.0 sek

Do you love gaming?

Welcome to a weekend filled with computer games, consoles, tournaments, friendly competitions and VR-equipment and much more.

If you have any questions, join our discord server. This will also be our main communication channel for tournaments and other LAN related information. There will also be voice channels for communication during games and tournaments.

What is DLL

DLL is a student LAN party at Luleå University of Technology arranged by LUDD and Datasektionen. After a hold-up for a few years due to COVID, we're hoping to make a spectacular comeback!

This year, we're working in collaboration with Kirunasektionen, Studentföreningen Campus Skellefteå (SFCS), Piteå Studentsektion, SLURP, DDOS, Prima Clavis, Spelutskottet, and Datasektionens ORiginella spelKlubb to bring together all of LTU:s students together, in one game-filled weekend.



Want to become a sponsor? Read more here (in swedish)

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